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crossgo enables your teams to implement methods and tools in the company independently and to apply them sustainably.

Selfconsulting for more sustainability

crossgo, the leading self-consulting platform, enables teams to independently introduce new methods and tools in the company and to apply them sustainably. Selfconsulting didactics go far beyond e-learning. We are only satisfied when the new knowledge is actually implemented in everyday business.

Day-long trainings or workshops are a thing of the past, Selfconsulting develops your employees and managers in an integrated way in their daily work. This way, continuous development becomes part of daily work and everyone can contribute to the profitability of the company and the sustainable improvement of their own workplace.


The digital assistance system provides step-by-step guidance in day-to-day business - permanently and reliably


High identification with the changes through active participation of all employees


Self-learning and self-organized teams increase motivation and efficiency

Effective transformation

State-of-the-art change management through easy scaling and automation


Consistent elimination of non-value-adding processes of classic consulting


Massive cost savings through monthly fixed prices without fixed contracts cancelable at any time

Digital revolution in consulting

Lack of effectiveness through classical consulting alone

Around 35 billion euros are spent annually on classic consulting in Germany.
At the same time, more than 50% of consulting projects have to be repeated because employees and managers are not empowered to implement knowledge and methods sustainably and permanently in the company.

However, the problem is not classical consulting, but the one-sided technological mix in companies.


Companies waste potentials through the one-sided use of classic consulting.


Knowledge is imparted digitally, but practical application is missing.

No democratic

Methods and tools are prepared in a complicated way and are not easily accessible for everyone. Everyone should be able to apply them easily.

Poor return
on investment

The delivery costs for business consulting methods are far too high. The best possible price is not realized for companies.

Selfconsulting - for active implementers

Day-long trainings or workshops are a thing of the past. Selfconsulting develops your employees and managers in an integrated way in their daily work.

In this way, continuous development becomes part of daily work and everyone can contribute to the profitability of the company and the sustainable improvement of their own workplace.


Collaboration instead of "lone wolfism" for effective user enablement throughout the organization


sophisticated crossgo knowledge algorithms enable teams to autonomously apply any consulting methodology


Powerful workflows combined with AI-supported experts ensure perfect just-in-time logistics

Everyone can simply implement

User-enablement, self-enablement, maximum self-empowerment, swarm intelligence or self-consulting - crossgo's democratic design enables the entire workforce to implement any consulting methodology independently and autonomously. That is our mission.




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What are you waiting for?

With crossgo Selfconsulting, you develop your company how you want and when you want. And significantly cheaper than with classic consulting projects.

MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG
Sven Kullmann, Lean Coordinator
MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG

The consultyourself-approach enables our company to promote the development of individual sites in a targeted and standardized manner. Our employees can use their many years of knowledge of the processes to make targeted improvements.

Häffner GmbH & Co. KG
Thomas Dassler, General Manager
Häffner GmbH & Co. KG

crossgo provided us with excellent support during the introduction of project management. Thanks to the innovative “consult yourself” method and an extremely efficient use of the crossgo platform, we were able to effectively implement the new standards in a very short time.

Jochen Schott, Technical Manager

The personal support is first-class and absolutely flexible. Despite a difficult initial situation, a very promising concept was developed. The consulting content goes far beyond the use of the online platform.

Rüdinger Spedition GmbH
Anja Rüdinger
Rüdinger Spedition GmbH

We were able to significantly improve efficiency and cooperation. This was only possible thanks to crossgo’s methodological expertise and highly qualified, ongoing support.

Aluminium-Konstruktionsteile GmbH
Winfried Handke, General Manager
Aluminium-Konstruktionsteile GmbH

The crossgo team stands for an innovative, modern consulting concept. The first results after 9 months are promising; the personal contact is excellent.

Hirschvogel Produktionssysteme
Dr. Christian Hinsel, Manager
Hirschvogel Production Systems

The didactic knowledge on game-based learning has immensely enriched our internal spectrum of LEAN knowledge transfer.

Conz & Straßer GmbH
Anja Conz-Springorum & Kai Straßer, General Managers
Conz & Straßer GmbH

Excellent in terms of people, focused in terms of content and tailored to our needs as a family business.

HPN Industrieverpackungen GmbH
Martin Fix, General Manager
HPN Industrieverpackungen GmbH

After a tough struggle, we are now on the road to success – thanks to profound and sustainable change.

cooltecc energy gmbh & co. kg
Hans-Jörg Eipper, General Manager
cooltecc energy gmbh & co. kg

The down-to-earthness and professionalism of the team we appreciate very much as a small company.

​Metallschleiferei Tadija Pejic GmbH
Goran Pejic, General Manager
​Metallschleiferei Tadija Pejic GmbH

For us, as siblings and a second generation family in business management, a fitting approach to our needs.

Reichmann & Sohn GmbH
Stefan Reichmann, General Manager
Reichmann & Sohn GmbH

I am amazed at how easy it can be to implement change.

Bernd Quade, General Manager

We are working very successfully with this approach in two areas. The activation of our employees is impressive.

TRILOGIQ Deutschland GmbH
Heinz-Dieter Moerkens, Operation Manager
TRILOGIQ Deutschland GmbH

Working with this team has led to profound changes in my area. We are continuing on this path.

agraferm Technologies AG
Heiko Diener, Commercial Manager
agraferm Technologies AG

The virtual consulting process has been able to bring about many positive things. The feedback from the workforce shows this. The personal service is first-class.

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